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Sea Scooter Snorkel Tour

Quick Details

Sea Scooter Snorkel Tour
Non-Swimmers Snorkel Tour
Private Sea Scooter Snorkel Tour

Snorkel and Ride with our Sea Scooter in Maui, Hawaii!

With our luxury Yamaha Sea Scooters, you can explore more of the reef, snorkel alongside sea turtles & embrace your inner James Bond! Our team will WOW you with exciting ocean knowledge, captivating Maui history & our best jokes while you explore a gorgeous reef. Simply push a button and enjoy a pull from your sea scooter up to 3.5 mph, faster than most people swim at full sprint. All tours start from the beach. This is not a boat ride tour!

Submarine Scooter Snorkeling Tour

This guided snorkeling tour is for those who can swim or have snorkeled before and can tread water. We welcome first time snorkelers but MUST be able to lightly swim with a life jacket on. Click HERE for more details about Wailea Beach & click HERE for more about Lahaina.

Highlight of our Tours!

  • Small group of 4-8 people Max 
  • Lifeguard-certified and very calm instructors
  • You are on Hawaii time so we will take our time to your pace
  • We always see turtles, butterfly fish and so many other marine life
  • No leaky snorkel and foggy goggles we use best gears for you
  • Kids friendly activity 7+ yrs and up are welcomed

We Provide the following!

  • Underwater Sea Scooter
  • Wetsuit tops
  • High quality mask
  • Dry mouth snorkel
  • Very comfortable fins
  • Life jacket (optional)
  • An amazing tour to remember for life!